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Internet Security & Myths

Since 1990, we've found that most computer problems were caused by software problems that came from the Internet.  Since most computers don't have the minimum four levels or updated Internet security, utilities & updates recommended by most Internet security professionals.  And once problems are on your computer, they can do anything they want anytime, for as long as they want, even when you're not using the Internet, until they are removed.  Also most computer hardware is very reliable.  So it lasts longer than most people keep their computers.


Watch CBS 60 Minutes story, about how badly the Internet is infected below.


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We think it's currently impossible & may always be impossible, to prevent all Internet problems.  Since most Internet security & protection programs just look for Internet problem or symptom patterns, after they have caused problems for hours, days or longer.  But some of the newer & worst Internet problems change the way they look, work or what they do, every time they run.  So pattern recognition alone won't detect them.  And some Internet security & protection programs also use heuristics to look for Internet problem symptoms.  But they often report many false positive warnings.  Since some possible Internet problem symptoms are the same as many common program functions.  So no single standard Internet security & utility program or combination of them, may ever detect, prevent or remove ALL Internet problems.

Also every computer contains electronic parts, that each contain hundreds of millions of electronic circuits.  And all modern computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, etc, and many of their large programs, contain tens or hundreds of millions of lines of computer programming instructions to make them work.  Also
all computers are different.  Since even the same brand & model computers are customized with different hardware, software & updates, as soon as they're used.  So it's humanly impossible to make most computer hardware, software and peripherals perfect.  Since their new bugs are constantly found & exploited every month, before they can be patched by their security updates.  And many computers aren't updated regularly with the security updates or patches, to prevent the fixed problems.  So even if every computer had the recommended Internet security & utility programs installed with all of their updates, some Internet problems just totally bypass all of them, and go through new bugs in the computer's operating system, or any Internet program's new bugs.  This is why 100% Internet security & protection is a myth.


Our Internet Security Experience

We've been fixing & preventing Internet problems, ever since the first viruses came out in 1990.  Our first anti-virus program looked for a total of 64 known problems then.  But some current Internet security programs look for over 27,000,000 problems now!  And there are an estimated 35,000 new Internet problems added every day!  So we've been using & recommending Internet security programs since then.  About 10 years ago, we saw one of our client's brand new computers get a virus less than two minutes, after it was connected to their high-speed Internet service, with no Internet security.  And we've read it takes as little as fifteen seconds now, for an Internet problem to get through on a computer, without the four recommended levels of updated Internet protection already installed.  Since then, we've been using, recommending & installing up to 16 of the most popular FREE Internet security & utility programs, for us and most of our clients.  They have worked well to help prevent most Internet problems.  But rarely some major problems may get past one or more of them.  So our company has added a few new options, and a couple of extra levels of Internet protection, to the four levels of recommended Internet protection we have been using for years, that make it much harder for Internet problems to get through to cause problems.


Our Guaranteed Internet Problem Repair


Most of the time we can save all of your data, even if Windows is not starting or usable.  And we have a guaranteed way to remove ALL Internet problems & fix ALL the Windows problems they caused.  Then we add, update & customize, up to 16 of the most popular FREE Internet security & utility programs, with up to 6 levels of Internet security.  And all of our competitors that charge less normally give you little or no free Internet Security programs, or do any Windows or Microsoft Updates.  So even if they charge 1/3 as much or less than us, it's because it takes as little as 1/3 the time to fix it, without doing anything to prevent Internet problems from coming back at any time.  And it's normally 33% less expensive overall, to try to prevent Internet problems, than to have to pay to fix them after it's infected.  So call us about our guaranteed Internet problem removal & protection service, to get a quote, to help prevent & reduce Internet problems as long as possible.




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