A1 Computer Consulting, Our Standard Terms

       Our Standard Computer Service Business Terms


We accept all of these credit & debit cards: 


A. Onsite Business Computer System Service

  1. We come to you, so you donít have to pack-up your system and bring it us.

  2. You can see everything we serviced is working correctly before you pay us.

  3. There is no travel time charge, if you are less than 20 miles round-trip from us.

B. 24-hour, 7-Days a Week, Onsite Business Computer Service

  1. Business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day.

  2. Evening, night, weekend and holiday rates are available starting at 25% more.

C. Business Payment and Billing Terms

  1. Parts over $100 may require up to 100% down payment including its tax & shipping.

  2. Most web site services require a 50% down payment of the estimated total.

  3. Web site programs & some web site services require full payment in advance.

  4. C.O.D. upon completion of each days work

  5. Your company or personal check

  6. Cash, Cashierís Check or Money Order

  7. PayPal & most Credit & Debit cards are accepted.

  8. All prices include a 4% cash or check discount.

  9. All other payment types are 4% more than cash or check.

  10. Business system parts and/or service leasing is available

  11. Net terms may be available, if approved in writing in advance.

  12. $25 returned check charge is added for all returned checks.

  13. $25 late payment charge for not paying in full C.O.D. or for a returned check

  14. $50 Credit Card charge if you dispute our charge & it's decided in our favor.

  15. 1.5% interest per month is added until we are paid in full.

  16. All of our legal and collection costs will be added until we are paid in full.

D. Standard Business Service Agreement Requirements

  1. At least 5 hours per month of any type of service is required per service agreement.

  2. Agreement rates are discounted, starting at 10%, for 5 hours or more service per month.

  3. Six month's minimum is required per service agreement.

  4. You must prepay monthly in advance to receive our service agreement discount.

  5. Unused monthly service agreement hours normally expire at the end of each month.

  6. Call us for a custom quote, even if you donít meet our standard agreement requirements.

Please call or e-mail us, if you want Our Complete Standard Rates & Terms & References.